Each manufacturing procedure was closely monitored and quality controlled by knowledgeable and experienced team. The personal hygiene is the top priority of our awareness, all raw materials are selected based on the quality regulation from local and global resources, passing from prepartion to closely controlled mixing room to assure the quality of each ice cream formula before sending to the production line. The ice cream liquid will be passed to pasteurizing process in closed system to assure the safe & hygiene products. When reaching each production line, Cherry Ice Cream will be freshly produced in hundreds of styles and types before delivery to customers. 

“Cherry Ice Cream” is created by the total mixture between expertise and modern management along with social responsibility to be a unique and flavorful Thai Style ice cream.

In Present, Cherry Ice Cream expanded our success to another level by launching the new product line “Cherry Signature” which is a special formula with high quality ingredients ice cream for selected restaurants and coffee shop. Our other favourite brands consist of : “Cherry To Go”, the after meal ice cream, cup ice cream with topping. “Ha Chai”, the premium ice cream parlor, serves homemade natural fruit flavoured ice cream. The newly launched product line is “Chedi” which is an authentic Thai ice cream which support the export market.

Cherry Ice Cream today… We are the cutting-edge organization, which are responsive to the changing and optimizing our product and service quality. We operate the business on the basis of ethics, concern for quality of life and social responsibility. This is how we have succeeded sustainably and steadily for over 40 years.